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As our new website and blog go live today, I'd like to share a little bit of the MET-Fit story with you.  I created MET-Fit 3 years ago as a strength and conditioning class, emphasizing power, strength, and metabolism,  In that time, our MET-Fit community has grown and my vision for high-performance, low-risk programming has grown along with it.  Fast forward to May of 2017 and that vision has become a reality in the form of MET-Fitness, a training studio dedicated to helping you become the most fit, healthy, and athletic version of yourself.  I am incredibly excited and honored to share my passion with you.  

I hope that you'll subscribe to this blog, like us on facebook, follow us on instagram, and subscribe to our youtube channel to keep up with our awesome community of members, athletes, and clients.  Also, check in regularly for the best information on health, exercise, performance, and nutrition!


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