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Holiday Workouts

It’s difficult to maintain your exercise routine during the holidays. Compound that with large meals and holiday parties and it’s no surprise that weight loss is the number one New Year’s resolution. Thanksgiving has come and gone, but we still have the majority of the holiday season in front of us. Try the workout below to stay ahead of the January 1st gym rush.

This routine can be completed as a 3 round, 30 minute circuit, or broken up and done 3 times throughout the day. Try to complete each exercise as many times as possible in 1 minute, minimizing rest between exercises. Perform the first 5 exercises slowly during your initial circuit in order to warm up. Attempt to increase the number of repetitions that you complete each circuit. Cool down with light stretching when you’re through.

Jumping Jacks – Intensity can be lowered by side stepping instead of jumping if necessary

Squat Reach – Sit into the deepest range of motion that’s comfortable while reaching arms overhead

Marching Plank – Begin in a pushup position and bring one knee forward at a time, lower intensity by leaning into an elevated surface like a countertop if necessary

Alternating Reverse Lunges – Step backwards while bending the knee towards the floor, alternate legs

Pushups – Lower intensity by leaning into an elevated surface like a countertop, or performing pushups from kneeling if necessary

Standing Knee Drives – Begin in a split stance, lift back leg off of the ground while driving knee forward, switch legs at 30 seconds

Speed Skater – Bend slightly from hips and knees as you side step the right foot to the left, swinging arms to the left, alternate by stepping and swinging arms to the right

Side Bridges – Begin on your side, elbow resting on the floor under your shoulder, legs straight with feet stacked, bridge hips off of the floor and return, switch sides at 30 seconds, bend bottom knee to lower intensity if necessary

Supermans – Start on your stomach, lift straight arms and legs off the floor and return

Hip Bridges – Begin on your back, knees bent, feet flat, bridge hips off of the floor and return


Always consult your physician before beginning an exercise program


The R.I.G.H.T. Program
Evidence-Based Practice for the Exercise Professio...

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