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Introducing AdvoCare


If you had asked me about nutritional supplements when I was brand new to the field, I would have told you that I didn't think they were necessary. My mantra had long been, "just eat well." Five years later my opinion hadn't changed much. I might have told you a little bit more about the favorable evidence for supplementing with whey protein. I would have talked about the benefits of fish oil and explained that supplements are an option if you can't get enough omega-3 in your diet. I didn't, however, have any good recommendations on quality, trustworthy sources for supplements. I believed then, and still believe, that you can end up with a lot of junk that you don't need by going to your local supplement store. No supplements, from your multivitamin to your protein powder, are FDA regulated. This means that the consumer is at the mercy of the manufacturer. There are thousands of products that make wild claims that haven't been substantiated. There are numerous companies that disappear as quickly as they arrived on the market. This has always been my biggest criticism of the supplement industry.

So, 10 years after first entering the profession, have my opinions on supplements changed? The short answer is, absolutely! I still believe that we can get all of the macronutrients and micronutrients that we need by eating a well balanced diet. The problem is, while we can get all the nutrition we need from food, most of us don't. If I, with my BS in Nutritional Sciences, can't get optimal nutrition, even with as healthy as I try to eat, I can't assume that my clients are maximizing their nutrition through diet alone either. Like most people, I struggle to get the three meals that I know I should each day. I've found it difficult to get enough heart healthy omega-3, and I'm sure that my vitamin and mineral intake has been low in the past. The turnaround for me came when I started balancing my nutrition with AdvoCare supplements. You can read more about my personal experience with using these products, but I'll briefly mention that I haven't felt as healthy or energetic as when I've been balancing my nutrition with AdvoCare. Still, this wasn't a decision that came lightly, especially given my previous opinion on supplements. I did a great deal of independent research, but what convinced me was a recommendation from a trusted colleague and former grad school classmate.

What I learned was that AdvoCare is a company with a long history of enhancing nutrition. They have been offering quality nutrition for 20 years. This is also a company that is well supported by a Scientific and Medical Advisory Board. The 7 professionals on this board range from physicians to researchers. They help to ensure that AdvoCare nutritional products are safe, effective, and based on the highest quality evidence available. AdvoCare products are also certified by a third-party organization that verifies they contain what they claim. Since no supplements are FDA regulated, this provides the independent oversight that I want if I'm going to use or recommend a nutritional product. It is because of their quality reputation, along with my personal experience with the products, that I have aligned myself with AdvoCare and have begun offering their products. If you have questions about AdcoCare or any supplements you have used in the past or are considering using, I would be happy to talk with you. Contact me or click here for more information. Ultimately, eating well is your best bet, but my new mantra is, "eat well, and supplement where you're deficient."

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