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Nutrition is Life

By: Stephanie Clookey, MS


The food we eat influences nearly every chemical reaction in our body. Everything we’ve eaten over the years has provided our bodies with the energy and nutrients needed to create the human being that looks back at you in the mirror. Food allows us to grow and survive, from the tip of our toes to our mental and emotional well-being. 


It sounds melodramatic, but I dare you to go on a frenzy googling deficiency symptoms of various vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. There is not one aspect of our physiology that is left unscathed. And don’t forget about the fact we will die from starvation without food or slowly breakdown from metabolic diseases with too much. 


Nutrition is a health care profession and it’s also a science, a merged discipline between physiology, biochemistry, and others Which makes it such a damn shame that nutrition is so commercialized. It feels impossible to google anything nutrition related and get a reputable source. Everything that comes up seems to be advertisement for expensive supplements and fancy fad diets. Not to mention, every Joe-Schmo on social media seems to be a “nutrition expert” despite exhibiting a glaring lack of education on the matter. Thecorrect information we need to fuel our bodies appropriately shouldn’t be so inaccessible!


Let us help you get the information you needIn our summer nutrition challenge we will be providing nutrition education and community of support to help you reach whatever goals you may have! During our 6 week summer challenge we’ll be regularly administering nutrition education, providing Q&A Sessions, exchanging recipes, and working out together! Our bodies are the only homes we have- let’s take care of them. 


Stephanie Clookey

M.S. Nutritional Sciences (May 2018)

B.S. Biochemistry

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Member Spotlight: David Freeze
Week 2: 2/5 - 2/10/17
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