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Our C.O.R.E. Values


I can hardly believe that we’ve been open in our new location for almost 6 months!  The growth that MET-Fitness has experienced in that time has been incredible!  I’m honored to be part of such a great community and culture here.  As we’ve grown, Liesl and I have seen our vision for MET-Fitness grow along with the membership.  It feels like the perfect time to share what we feel makes MET-Fitness so special.

Our C.O.R.E values are at the heart of what sets MET-Fitness apart.  These values are what I love so much about the culture we’ve created.  A huge part of that culture is our Community.  MET-Fitness is such a diverse community of members, clients, athletes, and coaches.  I love coming to work each day and watching young students train alongside retired world record holders.  I’m thankful to be able to help one client manage their lifelong disease and then turn around to help another client qualify for the national championships.  I’m in awe of how our unique and diverse group inspires one another.  The rich Community that we’ve built, and continue to build, is one of the values that makes MET-Fitness the best place to become healthy, fit, and achieve all of your performance goals.

One of the benefits of having such a large, diverse community is that it allows us to emphasize another of our values, Outreach.  When I first dreamed up the concept of MET-Fitness, I knew I wanted it to be so much more than a gym, so much more than a collective of folks trying to meet their own goals.  I dreamed of a community that would give back, that would want to help others as much as improve themselves.  I see that coming true in our community.  I see you all rallying to support autism.  I hear you suggesting ways to give to so many others in need.  I am honored to be a part of that outreach.  Our upcoming MET-Fit Open competition will include a canned food drive for the hungry.  At Christmas, we will be adopting a family, helping to give them the holiday experience they deserve.  Several times throughout the year MET-Fitness will be giving back, supporting those in need, and contributing to our larger communities of Mid-Missouri and beyond. 

I keep coming back to our community, because it central to our values.  However, it’s the Respect within our community that makes our culture such a healthy and positive one.  We have a community that demonstrates respect for everything that makes us unique.  We have a community that respects themselves enough to train safely and intelligently.  We have a community that respects our facilities and equipment so that we always have the best training environment.  We have members, clients, and athletes that are working towards different goals, training in different ways, excelling in different areas, and impacted by different barriers.  Still, we support and encourage one another.  I love getting to witness that mutual respect, day in and day out. 

One final value that is critical to what we do is Education.  This begins with our coaches and is evident in every program and practice we offer.  MET-Fitness trainers and coaches have studied exercise science, nutrition, and exercise behavior.  We are certified by the leading organizations in the world.  We are continually learning, staying current on best practices and the most recent research.  Education is in everything we do, explaining the why behind our programming and training.  Time and time again I hear that our community has chosen MET-Fitness because what we do is safe and effective.  Our commitment to education and learning is what sets our programs apart from all the others.

One of my favorite business authors talks about his “immutable laws.”  These are the things that he will not compromise in his business.  This is the glue that holds it all together.  That is true for our C.O.R.E. values of Community, Outreach, Respect and Education.  And, central to each of those values is…YOU!  You make up this great community.  You are the ones giving back with your time and resources.  You are the ones lifting up and encouraging each other.  You are the ones asking for intelligent programming and training.  Thank you for being such a great example of what we value so much! 

Week 1 Programming: 1/29 - 2/3/18
Grand Opening!
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