Nutritional Consulting Services

Food Portions ChartNutrition Sessions

At MET-Fitness, we don't prescribe diets, because frankly dieting isn't effective. Our nutritional programs are focused on education. We help clients understand their dietary needs and help them develop eating plans that maintain optimal health and enhance performance. Nutrition sessions are 30 or 60 minutes in length and are preceded by a 3 day food record.

Measurement of Metabolism

There are number of ways to estimate your metabolism, but one of the most accurate means of measuring it involves indirect calorimetry. This is a quick and effortless test that involves 10 minutes of measured inhalation and expiration at rest. From set up to completion, this test only takes about 30 minutes, and provides you with your individual calorie needs.  Contact us to get in touch with our friends at Optimus: The Center for Health for your resting metabolism test.


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Who Says Eating Healthy has to be Boring?

Does the idea of nutrition make you worry that you won't ever be able to eat anything delicious again? It shouldn't! Nutrition is about maintaining optimal health and performance, not a set of rules! We will work with you to create a healthy plan that fits your needs.