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"My husband, son and I moved to Columbia in 2003, leaving behind the crowds, heavy traffic and high cost of living in Chicago. We had visited Columbia enough to know we liked it. We found our dream home in the country and enjoy the beauty that nature holds. Our son graduated from Rock Bridge and then from Mizzou with a degree in Computer Science/Math.

"My son and his wife have also settled in Columbia. They blessed us with our first grandson last July. What a joy and how lucky to have them so close. I lost my husband recently to cancer and having them so near has been a huge support.

"We vacationed many summers up in Door County Wisconsin, a peninsula off Lake Michigan. Family from Baileys Harbor showed us all the best sights. Quaint small towns that all boast water activity, outdoor sports, shopping, music, good food and excellent theatre. My bike club also found it a great destination for riding. My dream trip would be a bike tour in Italy. One day...

"Along with biking, I love golf and gardening. My husband got me started in golf so I try to make him proud. Not easy! But I keep trying. We are so fortunate to have the MKT trail here. It is a favorite place to ride and enjoy a meal at Meriwether Cafe in Rocheport.

"I have been a nurse for over 40 years. Since living in Columbia I have been involved in the Cardiac field, most recent Cardiac Rehab. So as exercise is an important part of my patients recovery, for me it has become necessary for my well being. I believe I found Met Fit in 2019. I had always maintained an exercise routine (spin, step aerobics, boot camp etc.). What I have learned, especially as I age, is the importance of incorporating weights into my workout. Met Fit includes weights and conditioning for me. I love the small classes with supervision and have found all the trainers to be valuable for a successful workout."

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