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Member Spotlight: Shruti

Updated: May 24, 2023

Shruti and her family moved to Columbia in 2009. "We wanted to be closer to family and were looking for a small town (my husband works from home and I was not working outside the home at the time, so we had some flexibility). We really appreciate this town."

Shruti and John have three children, ages 23, 21, and 19 who all graduated from Hickman High School. Interesting fact: All three play large or unusual instruments (string bass, harp, and accordion). The have two dogs, Otto and Ivan.

"I love to read. I love hiking and taking walks. I love yoga. I like playing board and card games (euchre and Tut are two favorites). I like to travel too—who doesn’t?

"We went to Spain in 2018 as a vacation/graduation trip for our oldest who’d graduated from high school. We had to split up; my husband and sons flew out a few days earlier than me and my daughter. Traveling separately was part of the adventure. My daughter and I flew Wow! Airlines (an Icelandic airline that’s no longer). We had a very long layover in Iceland on the way back home and got to see Rejkjavik. Then we had an emergency landing at Scott Air Force Base Illinois, because we were running out of gas.

"In Spain, We met my husband and sons in Barcelona. We took a high speed train and rented a car and saw various places on the southern coast; Sevilla, Granada. It was interesting to see how close the coast is to Africa. It was the first time we’d seen people kite surfing or kite boarding. It was very memorable.

"I enjoy lots of different types of exercise and just being active. For a long time I ran long distance & started working cross training into my routine (spinning, HIIT, boot camp, yoga) about five years ago.

"A friend told me about MET-Fit in 2020. The combination of strength and functional movement training at MET-Fit has been terrific. It’s helped me develop muscle tone and improved my ability to do yoga, spin, and other activities.

"Not to go on and on, but I work from home, so going to a gym that not only has great classes but a great community is important to me. MET-Fit has just that. Everyone is supportive, it’s low key, the workouts are challenging and well-designed. I am really grateful to have found MET-Fit. Thank you!"

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