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MET-Fit Bone Health has begun!

Our new MET-Fit Bone Health small group program began February 7 with 4 individuals.

Meeting twice a week for 6 weeks, this program delivers an evidence based approach, combining high intensity strength training, fall prevention protocols, and balance work with the goal of building muscle and strengthening bone.

This program is perfect for those with an osteopenia or osteoporosis diagnosis or with a family history of either.

We focus on 3 key components during these sessions:


Weight training is a major component to support healthy bones. We will safely coach you through a program of progressively heavier resistance each week.


The risk of fracture is greatly increased in people who fall. Our program includes exercises to help prevent falls and thereby reduce fractures.


Safe and effective stretching exercises are particularly beneficial to improve mobility and help with balance and coordination.

The next 6 week session begin Tuesday, March 21. 5 spots available!

MET-Fit Testimonial from Janet

"I am delighted to provide a testimonial for those considering the up coming MET-Fit BONE HEALTH class starting February 7, 2023. Having participated in a small group class twice a week at Met-Fitness since March of 2019, with a little hiccup during the early months of the pandemic in 2020 and some breaks for personal travel, I can attest to the benefits of working out with others under wonderful instruction from Mason Stevens and his experienced staff.

Being an “over-65, post menopausal woman” for my first/baseline 2016 Bone Density measurements (spine and both hips), they were as expected - all in the Osteopenia range. My 2018 measurements revealed a lower spin score and insignificant decreases for the hip. In March 2019, I started attending Met-Fitness class twice a week, and I must admit was slightly disappointed that in 2020, the measurements were not better; on the other hand, they were pretty stable. BUT, much to the delight of my Physician and myself, scores in 2022 IMPROVED, so much so that the spine measurement is now in the “Normal range” and the hip measurements better though still in the Osteopenia range!

My physician said: “Improving all scores is great news, especially the spine score! Whatever you are doing, keep it up!” After, I will admit, abusing my left knee in 2017 that resulted in stress fractures in my femur, compared to 2016, I have:

  • traded jogging about 5 miles/day four times a week to walking about 6 miles a day (ranging from 3-8 miles on a given day) to maintain a routine of weight bearing exercise;

  • traded spinning an hour a day twice a week to participating in a hour long class at Met-Fitness twice a week to add a varied routine that included strength straining,

  • augmented a daily Multi-Vitamin regimen with twice daily low does of Calcium & Vitamin D

Classes at Met-Fitness are great! The camaraderie of a small group of participants makes classes fun, and instruction from experienced staff is extremely beneficial. Each exercise is described verbally, and demonstrated every time it is included in a day’s session. Plus, by participating in a small class, there is time for the trainer to watch each participant and quickly correct poor form, so you can achieve the exercise’s targeted benefit and not hurt yourself. Also, modifications are offered when one’s muscles or joints can’t do the class’ exercise because of a recent injury or an on-going condition.

What else could you ask for?

If you are considering the upcoming series of MET-Fit BONE HEALTH classes, Go For It! The classes will be fun and beneficial, and the results just may help you maintain or achieve improved Bone Density scores - for sure, they will introduce you and your body to the advantages of working out at Met-Fitness.


January 2023

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