Sport Specific Physical Training

girl hitting a soccer ballStrength and Conditioning
Whether you're a high school football player, scratch golfer, or training for your first 5K, sport specific training is important for performing your best and staying injury free. Sport specific strength and conditioning sessions are 30 or 60 minutes in length and are individualized for the demands of your sport. We work with teams and individual athletes of all skill levels, participating in any sport. Sport Specific Training improves athleticism by focusing on:

  •   Speed
  •   Agility
  •   Power
  •   Strength
  •   Endurance
  •   Mobility

football player catching a ballOur sport specific programs are based on the best research that has been proven to enhance performance.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
The Functional Movement ScreenTM was created by Physical Therapist, Gray Cook, and was designed as a tool for identifying an athlete's predisposition to injury. The FMS consists of seven tests that help categorize problematic movement. Corrective exercises are then designed based on the screening results. The end product is an athlete that moves better, is at less risk of injury, and performs at their best.

Metabolic Testing
VO2max Testing is the single best indicator of cardiovascular fitness. The information obtained during this test is especially beneficial for endurance athletes, and is used to design the most effective training program.  Our friends at Optimus: The Center for Health offer the area's best metabolic testing.  Contact us to find out how to schedule a test with Optimus.