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vo2max testing

What: This 60 min appointment measures the maximal amount of oxygen (VO2 Max) that your body can use during exercise, along with the precise point that you switch from burning fat to burning carbs.

Why: Whether you're an athlete or simply focused on living your best life, VO2 Max is arguably THE BEST predictor of longevity. This measurement provides your baseline to track improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness. VO2 Max and Anaerobic Threshold (AT) data are necessary to create customized training zones and ensure you're burning the correct fat or carbs for your goals. Interested in ZONE 2 Training? This takes the guess work out of it and measures YOUR specific zone.

Price: $175

On the Scales

resting metabolic rate testing

What: This 30 min appointment tells you the rate that you burn calories at rest. This is the number that determines your daily calorie needs.


Why: There are a number of ways to predict your calorie needs based on age, sex, and bodyweight. This test MEASURES the calories that YOU are burning each day. Use this measurement to determine how many calories you need for fat loss, muscle gain, and your daily protein needs.

Price: $75

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