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Chris moved here from Galesburg, Illinois for a position in the department of sociology at the University of Missouri. He's single, has two wonderful nephews in Indiana along with his sister who is a nursing educator at Indiana University in Terre Haute Indiana. Her husband is a law enforcement officer in Mooresville, Indiana (home of the outlaw John Dillinger).

"I always enjoy a great trip back home to my second home Las Vegas. Currently, I am looking forward to some travel this winter hopefully to Chicago, Florida, and potentially Mexico.

"I’m an avid reader for work. When I’m not reading or writing you can find me playing the latest computer game release.

"The Heidelberg is my favorite after work spot if I’m meeting someone after work. However, I’m also a huge fan of The Social Room.

"MET-Fitness is small, and was perfect while we were figuring out COVId-19. I have stayed with them because I like the results and the personal nature of the gym. I enjoy leaving there completely exhausted after some intense workouts. You can see my sweat angels on the floor."

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